11 Mistakes To Avoid Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 10

Important Qualities To Look For:

1) Find someone who cares more about your wedding images than they do about their own packages and policies. Someone you know will help your wedding run smoothly and efficiently. Choose someone that you can communicate with someone that truly understands how you want your wedding to feel.

2) Is this someone that will add to the fun and emotion of your wedding? Remember your friend’s photographer, Get someone that will make the work of posed pictures fun, memorable, and exciting!

3) Look for someone who has some flexibility in styles. See what they have to offer. Some of the styles you may want to consider are Traditional, Black & White, Candid, Romantic, or Photo-journalistic.

4) Find someone who has as few restrictions as possible regarding packages, number of prints, limiting locations, and limiting the amount of film they shoot. Prepaid, pre-designed packages limit the creativity of the photographer. Limiting the number of locations is common among wedding photographers.

5) Remember, after the wedding day is overall you’ve got left is your spouse, the ring, and your photographs. The food is gone. The cake is gone. So are the cocktails and champagne. Your dress, as beautiful as it may be, will not be worn again. And, if you’re really lucky, your flowers will make it through the whole day. All these things that you spend a fortune on are expendables, yet most of your budget gets spent on these expendable, one-time-use things. The whole budget seems to be spent on the party. A grand party is delightful and fun, but will your guests remember what kind of appetizers you served, or what the centerpieces looked like? This is just one person’s opinion, but you really could drop one of the appetizers I promise your guests will still show up- guaranteed! If your budget is truly an issue, then you should be even more selective! The cheapest photographer is very likely to be the least qualified for the job! That means – the worst possible pictures at the end of the day!!

6) Some studios accept credit cards. Credit cards are a great way to extend your payment over a longer period of time. Even better, ask if the studio has a discount for paying cash or paying early. Remember, no matter how much (or how little) you spend on your wedding photography, if you aren’t happy with the finished photos, you’ve wasted your money! But if you love them, consider it an investment that you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

7) Payment Flexibility. Are there flexibility of payment? Can you just hire the photographer for the day.

8) Your wedding day is a true “once-in-a-lifetime” event; it should be recorded sensitively and accurately – by a qualified photographer!

9) If you are on a strict budget, you will need to be extremely picky about choosing the right wedding photographer. The CHEAPEST PHOTOGRAPHER is very likely to be the LEAST QUALIFIED-this is one time that you get what you pay for!

10) Do you get your Raw Data? Do you get them right away or do you have to wait 1-3 YEARS?

11) Unfortunately, the photographer is one of the last people considered and hired for the wedding. The best photographers will most likely be booked up well in advance- DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!!

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